Lessons in Remote Work

A growing list of remote work lessons I learned though experience!

Far from pioneering virtual assistance in the Philippines, I started earlier than most of my former colleagues — HINT: 2009! — way before the pandemic forced us all to work from home. With that number of years, I've learned a few tricks and lessons, which I hope, through this blog, you'll gain wisdom just like I did.

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Yes, you got this!
Take responsibility for your work schedule

Set aside time for deep, uninterrupted work and to coordinate and communicate with your coworkers. Because your workplace will basically be unsupervised, this will require a lot of self-discipline and accountability.

Value your personal boundaries

Keep your work separate from your own personal time. Just because your home has technically become your workspace, it doesn't mean that it should take over the entirety of your home life.

Take regular breaks between tasks

Don't try to work all day without breaks. Be sure to rest your eyes rehydrate and do regular stretches in between long spans of work. Remember that the best-delivered work comes when you're performing in your best shape both physically and mentally.

Have a dedicated workspace

Just like your space at the office, it is important to maintain an environment committed to productivity and efficiency. Choose a secluded area that you can claim as yours with good lighting and minimal distractions.

Be mindful of your accomplishments

Stay motivated by being aware or making a list of what you are able to achieve at the end of each day. Due to the isolation that comes with working from home, it's important to stay psyched for work and to keep morale high and bright.