This Week, Currently

So today is the 5th of January 2021. 

Because it's the first week of the year, I will dedicate it to accomplishing two things: declutter and plan for the year ahead.


Inspired by Minimalism, Nordic lifestyle, and Zen teachings, this year, I will start putting things out that no longer sparks joy in my life and just keep the basic necessities — sort of — from beauty products to grocery items, to small appliances, and even gadgetries. I'd be a hypocrite to tell me I'd accomplish this within a year, but hopefully, this year starts my journey to simple living.

To start things off, I need to throw a ton of papers away for recycling and sell books I've already read that collect dust on my bookshelves.

Plan the year ahead

While you cant literally plan for the future, it helps if you know what you want (or need) to accomplish. 

On the top of my head, I need to rebuild my emergency fund. I did my accounting for 2020 last month, and boy did I splurged on food a lot! So, yes, this includes minimizing Grab and Foodpanda deliveries.

To help me plan for the future, I got this simple 2021 work planner from Veco for 273 Pesos. It's clean and spacious, exactly what a planner should be about, really. And then I also got this blue journal from Mercury Drugstore for jotting down late-night thoughts.

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Thoughts and Plans

If you want to see what's inside the Spark Change journal from Mercury, click this album.