Google Analytics Certified

As a digital marketer, Google Analytics (GA) is one of my data sources... I've been doing SEO since 2007. In 2008, I learned about Google Analytics.

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As a digital marketer, Google Analytics (GA) is one of my data sources whenever I work on websites. More than the Pageviews, GA allows me to glean important marketing metrics like conversions and uncover insights about website visitors. When integrated with Google Ads and Search Console, GA gives a more holistic view of a website’s online performance. 

I will not delve into GA’s technicalities here, but I will tell you that getting certified will progress your career or boost your chances of getting hired. 

A little history first

I've been doing SEO since 2007. I started doing SEO Web Content and Articles, then Link Building. In 2008, I learned about Analytics. Companies were not keen on GA then as a reporting hallmark, so I had a lot of time to study it and play around with my own websites.

I taught myself Google Analytics. There were only a few resources about GA back then — no online courses. I learned from Google's documentation, technical forums, and SEO publications (which I religiously follow) like Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, and Search Engine Land. And followed notable SEO pioneers of the time from Bruce Clay to Danny Sullivan, to Matt Cutts, to Barry Schwartz, to Bill Slawski.

And now

I got myself recertified just in time for Google's July rollout of Google Analytics 4. 

I wonder what those 7 mistakes are 🤔

TIP: If you have GA experience, the roster of clients is plenty this time of the year to offer GA migration services.

Why did I bother to get certified (again)

The primary reason is that I need it for work. And because GA4 is different from GA3 or Universal Analytics (UA).

The second but pretentious reason is that some companies prefer someone certified as part of their hiring qualifications. 

Was the GA4 Certification hard

Yes. And No.

Yes, because I already have a background in GA3. I know the ins and outs. I know the glossary by heart.

And No, because if you’re starting new, you’ll drown with information. And trust me; there’s a lot to digest. You’ll have to put in hours of study time.

Any tips

There are countless Google Analytics 4 Training online, but I suggest you schedule some time to prepare.

1. You signup and start with Google’s Skillshop.

2. If you like reading, Google’s GA knowledgebase is really detailed.

3. Play around with the Google Analytics demo account

4. Create your own (much better!) GA account and install it on your own website or blog. This option is far better, based on my experience, since you’ll be the Admin. You can configure your GA settings to your liking and create unrestricted reports.

5. You can also watch videos on GA’s YouTube channel or watch how-tos from other GA influencers (I particularly love Benjamin Mangold of LovesData).

Lastly, be patient, and enjoy learning

What we learn with pleasure, we never forget. Take one lesson at a time until you master it.